💉 "Limited autonomy."

Injections: 1

If you missed the Tart newsletter this week, don’t fret. We’ll be back in your inbox soon with a fresh and juicy dispatch from this month’s theme of Injections

We’re brewing up some special content for the month and are sending you a sneak preview of what’s in store. As we continue to sort through submissions, please enjoy Vacancy by our in-house artist and editor, Vicky Leta (@vickyleetuh). “[This is] a commentary on how constant literal injections have scarred my body,” Leta said. “It's a reminder that I am indeed sick and have very limited autonomy over how my body looks and functions.”

As a reminder, we’re accepting submissions on the theme of Injections until August 31. We’re particularly interested in creative and unexpected interpretations of the theme. Hit us with your best work about lip fillers, the COVID-19 vaccine, IVs, in(ter)jections, turkey basters, whatever rings true to you. Our inbox is open and waiting for your short stories, poems, essays, videos, songs, drawings, photos — any work that has been injected with flavor or emotion.  


By Vicky Leta

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